Repair Process

What to do after an accident:

1.) Contact Police, Body Shop, and/or Insurance (if applicable).

2.) Contact Wrecker Service (if applicable we can provide).

3.) Get an original estimate of damages.

4.) Collect the police report (if applicable).

5.) Contact Insurance on police report of person at fault (if applicable).

6.) If insurance is involved they will need to either approve the original estimate or have an appraiser that represents them write an original estimate.

7.) If still driveable contact us and set up an appointment to begin the repairs.

8.) You always have the right to choose Bobby's Paint and Body Shop!

Once at Bobby's Paint and Body Shop we have a process in place to ensure that you, the customer, stay informed and that all damages are thoroughly evaluated:

 1.) Dissassembly- We take apart the vehicle, see if any additional damages are found, and contact you.

2.) 1st Supplement- Any addition to an original estimate is called a supplement.  We will notify you and/or insurance involved of supplements and provide pictures, invoices, and damaged parts to ensure that they will be properly documented.

2.) Repairs- Once the additional damages are documented we will proceed with repairs.

3.) Fitting- When repairs have been completed we will test fit all new parts to ensure that they will fit properly once painted.

4.) Painting- Typically when new parts are involved there will be two stages to the paint process.  First, the inside of the panels will be painted then put on the car.  Second, we will paint the exterior of the vehicle.

5.) Buffing and polishing- We will inspect the paint job for any buffing and polishing needed to ensure a factory finish.

6.) Reassembly- We will begin reassembly once it has left the paint shop.

7.) Cleaning and detailing- Your vehicle will be hand washed and the interiors cleaned.

8.) Final Inspection- It will then be inspected to ensure that repairs have been done to the highest quality.  If any suspension has been involved it will be test driven for proper handling and to confirm the steering wheel's alignment.

9.) Delivery- When you come to pick up your vehicle all documented repairs and parts will be given to you along with our limited lifetime warranty. Thank you for being a valued customer!


All insurance accepted. It's your right to choose your repair facility.

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  • Hyundai Body Shop
  • Nissan Body Shop
  • Infiniti Body Shop
  • Chrysler Body Shop
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