You Can Rely Upon Bobby’s as a Certified Chrysler Body Shop


When you need body repairs on your Chrysler vehicle, your best option is a certified Chrysler body shop such as Bobby’s Paint & Body Shop. What makes Bobby’s better? As a certified Chrysler body shop, our technicians have undergone extensive specialized training focused on repairing Chrysler vehicles. And as a Chrysler body shop, we are also recommend using genuine OEM parts from the manufacturer, which ensures that lesser-quality parts will never be used on your vehicle.


Another advantage of being a certified Chrysler body shop is that we use specialized tools and equipment that are specific to Chrysler vehicles – while many other shops may not even have access to these tools. It’s also important to consider that many of today’s Chrysler vehicles include modern materials that require innovative repair techniques. Non-certified body shops may not have the skills, equipment and quality parts needed to do the job properly.


As one of the few certified Chrysler body shops in the area, Bobby’s Paint & Body Shop has invested in comprehensive factory training for our technicians as well as top quality specialized tools and equipment. Most other shops are simply not interested in investing the time and money needed to become a Chrysler body shop. It’s also important to note that Chrysler requires our shop to stay up to date on specialized repair procedures and equipment – and we must also apply for re-certification on a regular basis.


The next time you need body repairs to your Chrysler, keep in mind that the certified Chrysler body shop at Bobby’s is your best option for the highest quality work and superior vehicle safety standards.

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