Your Certified Nissan Body Shop


To get quality repairs to your Nissan vehicle, you need a certified Nissan body shop like Bobby’s Paint & Body Shop. Many people don’t realize it’s important to use a Nissan body shop. Why? Because only a certified Nissan body shop like Bobby’s is required to undergo specialized training specific to repairing Nissan vehicles. We also recommend using OEM parts from the manufacturer to help make sure your vehicle is restored to the highest quality and safety standards.


There are multiple other reasons why a certified Nissan body shop is your best choice. Unlike uncertified shops, we are required to use specific tools and equipment when working on Nissan vehicles. In addition, many Nissan vehicles include modern materials that require specialized repair techniques that other shops can’t handle. And we also have access to genuine OEM parts supplied by the factory to ensure top quality.


Bobby’s also has the distinction of being one of the few local businesses that is a certified Nissan body shop. Because becoming certified takes a major investment in time and money for training and equipment, most other repair shops are not willing to become certified. Our commitment also requires us to keep up to date on specialized tools and repair procedures – and we must also periodically apply for re-certification.


When it comes to repairs on your Nissan vehicle, you can truly trust the certified Nissan body shop at Bobby’s to ensure that your automobile is restored to its pre-accident condition.

All insurance accepted. It's your right to choose your repair facility.

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